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Unlimited feature flags
Unlimited MAUs
Unlimited projects
Type-safe SDKs in major languages

Next.js and Vercel integration

1 SDK that "just works" on the client and the server
App Router and React Server Components integration
Instantly initialize the SDK on the client from server props on the first render
Instantly initialize the SDK on the server from Vercel Edge Config
Branches for each Vercel Preview Deployment

Targeting and logic

Target by user attributes
Target by organization, environment and custom arguments
Reusable segments
Staged percentage rollouts
Flag scheduling
Unrestricted flag targeting logic
Flag-specific targeting arguments
Targeting arguments that depend on session state
Flag debugger

Git version control

Single Git history for all flags together
View state of all flags together at a specific point in time
Instant rollbacks to previous commits
Group changes to multiple flags in a single, atomic commit


Type-safe SDKs with code generation and compile-time errors
Code completion in IDE
Find all flag references using IDE
Type-safe flag cleanup using IDE
Type-safety and code completion for targeting arguments
Type-safe logic UI to prevent invalid flag targeting logic
Exhaustive matching on enum targeting arguments
Type-safe GraphQL API

Flags with custom types

GraphQL schema
Type-safe enum flags with exhaustive matching
Type-safe object and list flags
Namespace flags in object hierarchies
Embed targeting logic inside object flag fields and list flag items
Embed A/B tests inside object flag fields and list flag items

Build-time snapshots

Build-time snapshots for SDK to initialize from first before fetching latest logic from server
Commit webhook to keep snapshot fresh


Granular analytics on flag logic
Custom derived metrics
Funnels to see conversion rates
Filter and break down results for segment analysis
See impact of each rollout on all metrics and funnels
See how each metric or funnel is impacted by all rollouts

A/B testing and ML

Insert A/B tests anywhere in your flag logic
Reuse A/B tests across different flags
Long-term holdouts to measure cumulative impact of many rollouts
Mutually exclusive tests
Embed logic within A/B test branches to test dynamic values
A/B/n tests with more than two arms
Custom traffic allocation percentages
Multi-dimensional tests to find the best combination of flag values
Multi-armed bandits to automatically decide the best flag value
Contextual multi-armed bandits to automatically decide the best flag values for each unique user

Custom logging for events and A/B test exposures

Log custom fields in event payloads
Event payload schemas for type-safety and code completion
Log custom fields with exposures
Exposure schemas for type-safety and code completion
Event targeting to conditionally log events
Conditionally log exposures
Transform event payloads before logging
Transform exposure payloads before logging

Advanced team collaboration

Comments and discussion threads
Isolated branches to test flag changes
Pull requests and approvals
Flag permissions
Granular permissions on flag logic

Platform and support

Email and Slack support
Dedicated Slack channel
Roadmap acceleration
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